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Oldest cactus nursery in Europe - since 1822

Welcome to Uhlig Kakteen...More than 3000 species...

Welcome,to our foto's album from our privat collection in Greece. We have set up this page in order to share with everyone the marvels of cacti, succulents, caudices and other bizarre plants...

Taking care of succulents like Cok Grootscholten does, can lead to serious forms of the cactusdisease / cactusmania: "CACTUS-MANIA ...
Collectiontlist containing: Haworthia - Adromischus - Sansevieria...

YUANMAO1961--Yuanmao Gardening Co.,LTD was founded by Chen Guangmao,the father of Chen Guanhua, and his brother Chen Guancheng as they did cactus...

Panayiotis has several albums.

This Czech cactus page has a very wide and interesting link collection about cacti and other succulent plants.

All visitors are allowed to take a look at:
The photogallery,
photo encyclopedia,
cacti & succulents blooming by month,
cacti & Succulents: Photo's from habitat, with very beautifull plant pictures that can help indentify plants.

The cactus and succulent plant mall (CSPM) is an Internet resource for all growers of cacti and succulent plants. It also aims to maintain as complete a list of web pages and other cactus and succulent related Internet facilities as possible. The CSPM is maintained by Suzanne and Tony Mace.

This blog about cacti and other succulent plants is very interesting. It is about the collection of mr Ashraf Alsherif his hobby and addiction to cacti.

As we all times are at the lookout for new pots for our plants we would like to introduce this web page it is about the Salt Professions and Traditional Craft Center (SPTCC) an unique center here in Salt, Jordan, Middle East. It is one of the main vocational training centers in the middle region and there are great pottery, weaving and silkscreen paintings to be seen.