Joma Pottery.

Once upon a time there was a young woman that decided to be a potter. She took courses in pottery and got some practical experience only to decide after 2 years that this is not what she wants. She decided that pottery is not suitable for her. It takes so much time, patience and it is quite hard work. Things never worked out as expected. One thing went into the kiln and another came out. So she turned her back to pottery forever…….

Long years later she started collecting cacti and succulent plants. With time the Hajos cactus and succulent collection took shape.

From growing cactus to wanting nice and suitable pots for them is a short jump. With the passing of time the bad experience was forgotten and things seemed logical.

The idea of Joma pottery was born. Making our own planting pots suitable for cacti seemed a good solution. We do it ourselves….

The now older woman in her late 40s took again some classes as she had forgotten a lot about pottery and started making planters. Soon it was clear that people would have an interest also in other things so the pottery grew and today we produce a variety of products.

Something that did not work out in young age went to be a source of pride and income in a much older age.