In this page we want to thank all people that helped us create and all of our friends that are helping us to improve it constantly.

-A big: Thank you! and Special credits go to Mr. Cok Grootscholten
Mr Cok Grootscholten takes the time and checks, when his busy schedule allows, our photo gallery for wrong naming and spelling.
It all began with a quite funny story.
One day Mr Cok Grootscholten contacted us asking for a small piece of a plant that was in our greenhouse as the photo gallery stated.
What a day!
We felt very honoured and surprised that we should have a plant that Mr Cok Grootscholten hasn't in his collection. He has a very big and beautiful collection, for his link take a look at our Links. We contacted him immediately stating that we would like to help.
In his answer he wrote to us that we have as it seems a so rare plant that it is not listed in Google. Well, that was the point when we started to be sceptical.
Such a rare plant in our small collection? No!
That simply can not be! Quite puzzled we started searching for the plant and we soon found it!!!
Not very proud any more, we informed him that it was a wrong naming. The family name was right but the name was switched with its neighbor. It happened when we wrote the names as the two plants were next to each and we have only few pieces of each.
Through his help we have found quite a number of wrong naming and misspelling since then.
Through his kindness and patience it is possible for us to improve every time a bit our web page.
-When in spring and summer 2008 we started to collect pictures from the wild plants in the region where Hajos Cactus is located we never believed that someone could name the plants. The pictures being not too good made the whole even more difficult. Then in the beginning of 2009 we met Mr. Panayioti Kelaidis online.
What a lucky day! We found an expert on the subject.
To our big surprise he not only named most of the plants, he also mailed us the names so quickly that we really were caught by surprise.
We want to thank him from all our heart and hope that his busy schedule will allow him to help us again when in the next season new photos of wild plants are added. In the 'links' you will find the link to his extraordinary photo collection.
-We want to thank: Mrs.J.K and Mrs.I. for the help in the German translation and the encouraging words.
-Special credits go to Mr. N.Q for the Arabic translation. Without him an Arabic translation would be very difficult.
-The Greek translation, well, that was a real challenge. Our dear friend Mrs E. B. was our rescuing angel that helped to clear the labyrinth of misspellings. Thank you!
-We thank also Panos and Stavros for their kind support and encouraging words to try to make a Greek translation and their help to improve it. You find their very interesting web page in the Links.
-Thanks also to KAKTOS for his great comments when we started, as they gave us strength to continue. You find his great web page in the Links. -Credits go also to Mr: A.P. as the donation of a used Lap top helps us a lot in working and improving our web page.
-We thank also Mr M.A. and Mr S.A for being so kind to help us with their lexicon.
-Thanks to Mr Hussam Nassar for the creation and drawing of our energetic cartoon.
Thanks to Mr Jameel Nassar for his continuous and hard work in: Living in Jordan in the Middle East.
-A special thanks to all our visitors and kind friends where ever they are.
-Last but not least we thank Mr Tamer Qtaish for the donation of the development and design of Without him there would be no web page at all.

Through his constant effort the page grows and gets better.