Welcome to Hajos cactus and succulents in Jordan.

It all started with 10 cactus seeds and a wish to please a father and dear friend in 1999. His dream of a cactus and succulent collection inspired us to start growing cacti. As he recognized correctly, Jordan with its hot dry summers and not too cold winters is an ideal place for cacti and other succulent plants. Now in the year of 2007 a small collection has started taking shape and in loving memory we named it: Hajos cactus and succulents.

The aim of this web site is:

  • To provide a small corner for cactus lovers and collectors in the Middle East especially in Jordan.
  • To inform about cacti and succulent plants grown in the existing conditions in Jordan.
  • To help, cacti and succulent plant lovers to identify their plants.
  • To introduce cacti and other succulent plants suitable to be grown in Jordan, to a wider public.